New ECRTL logo design

Elkhart County Right to Life (ECRTL), to clarify its visual identity and community outreach, has over the last several months gone through the process of redesigning the ECRTL logo.

Ruth Smucker, a board member, and also a freelance designer, worked with the board through the process of a logo redesign.

The process began by identifying and clarifying key information, like the mission and vision of the ECRTL along with defining the target audience, as well as key identifying characteristics of the ECRTL that would be important to a logo. Sketches were then drawn up by Ruth and submitted to the board. From there a digital rendering came about, was approved by the board, and finalized.

The design incorporates some very key ideas:

  • The colors of red and blue denote patriotism and the nation in which we live.

  • The heart has long been a symbol of the City of Elkhart in Elkhart County, here it represents Elkhart County.

  • The two blue arches above the heart represent the St. Joe and Elkhart Rivers which flow through Elkhart County.

  • The cupped hands create a special, safe place for the feet.

  • The hands are old and young, and of different colors, noting the importance of all human life in all its stages and ethnicities.

  • The feet represent babies: infants, newborns, and the unborn alike. Note that they are the center of the image. They are the most vulnerable of all, and their protection and care is at the very heart of what ECRTL promotes.

  • The slogan, Caring for life, Allways is new as well.

The ECRTL wanted to really represent its mission in a slogan that tied in with the logo. There are two important aspects to the slogan. One of them is life. That ECRTL is caring for life. The second is the double meaning of allways. Always was not misspelled but spelled this way on purpose. The work of ECRTL is to care for life, always, and in all ways.

Over the next many months a shift will be seen as ECRTL incorporates this new logo, these colors, and fonts, etc., into a redesign of the website, printed materials and so on.

The ECRTL board is excited about the new logo and a new direction for its visual identity, and hopes you will be too!

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For a copy of the logo for press please email ecrtl@protectinglife.com.